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Random-explorer/filmmaker/musician/producer/composer/mixer/sound designer/metaphysician based in New York.

Has recorded, mixed and designed sound for a variety of projects through the years, including several festival and award-winning films, artists, bands, and multi-media projects.

Bosch just completed editing the 40 minute documentary "Sahel Calling", which he also directed. The film focuses on Malian musicians, their thoughts, and music during the first stages of the 2013 Malian and French counterattack on the rebel groups causing turmoil in the north of this democratic but impoverished nation.

Bosch's first feature film "Wilderness of Mirrors: an Original Soundtrack Motion Picture", is a genre-bending documentary about Kentucky-based songwriter Paul K's tragically prophetic rock opera recorded in 1998.

Bosch co-operates Ground Control Studio, in Williamsburg's southside, by the bridge, where it's still fairly mellow, by Brooklyn standards..

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