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  1. geoff tompkinson

    geoff tompkinson PRO UK and Austria


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    Photographer, Videographer, Time Lapse & Hyperlapse specialist. Timelapse Workshops : http://www.gtimage.com/workshops All footage available for licensing - http://bit.ly/gtimage For DAY-NIGHT transition lapses & HDR I use Promote Control - http://tinyurl.com/promotecontrol For…

  2. Anneliese Possberg

    Anneliese Possberg Plus Germany


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    We are a German photo and film team who have travelled extensively to the remotest corners of the world. For years we have pursued our passion in search for the natural and cultural wealth of our planet Earth. Our credo is to search and reveal the beauty in things. We observe our environment without…

  3. Michael Salisbury

    Michael Salisbury Plus Chicago IL


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    Chicago - Leo Burnett http://www.skylight.cc

  4. Lal@'s Reisen

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