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A tech guy in the real estate investing sector. Google my name or just go to LinkedIn. Then again, the URLs below will get you started with some helpful info.

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  1. Looking forward to trying the game. As a real estate investor with a technology background who loves to walk in a city, it would be great to 'own' some of my destinations.
  2. I saw a tweet. Something about Ryan melting down. So true. Fun to watch. I can almost feel his pain. My longest was 160 miles from Albany NY to Worcester MA. I was feeling good when I finished. I suspect I was riding a bit slower with a few less hills.
  3. I am less moved by this one. Maybe it is the visuals or maybe it is the vision. If we ignore that a minute, I am immediately left wondering how the changes can be paid for and how they will work. It is one thing to make the changes. It is another…