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Richard Schooping awoke through AIDS and is now here sharing with the world that through LOVE, the greater LOVE out of which we ALL flower, anything is possible, including healing cancer and AIDS. That it is with a willing heart and an open mind that we expand out of our suffering into a life of optimal health, fearlessness, and unshakable peace.

Richard is sharing that many are passing from illnesses that may easily now be reversed with the right guidance. And so he is here sharing with others the insights he gained through his immeasurable suffering with AIDS so that those who are now suffering in any way will realize that there are choices that they can now make to alleviate their suffering. He states that by becoming more knowledgeable of alternative therapies and becoming more self aware we open up to new choices that not only address the symptoms of our dis-ease, but more importantly, address the root cause of our dis-ease. And Richard is also here today sharing his personal unedited story of overcoming AIDS and cancer so that the stigma attached to these dis-eases will be illumined as the illusion that they are. That we may realize that even someone with full-blown AIDS can heal, and he is now this living truth.

In his first book, “From Suffering to Soaring” Richard shares his journey into, out of, and BEyond AIDS. He shares how he lost 3 husbands and many friends to AIDS in less than 10 years, and how through these experiences, as well as through his own suffering with AIDS, cancer, depression, guilt, rage, injuries and more he garnered the wisdom so to now be a light for anyone seeking a way out of their darkness. His upcoming book, a book about discovering the present moment will be available soon.

Richard is also a singer and songwriter and his first solo CD: “This Song We Sing” is sharing songs of unconditional love, non-judgment, celebration of life, healing, peace, stillness, and unity. His second CD: "Be Here Now" will be released this summer. Speaking videos, music videos, as well as the title track video for his upcoming CD, "Be Here Now" are available at richard schooping.

Through his writings, teachings, art and songs Richard is expressing the greater LOVE that is within us all - that is available here and now. He is revealing the one awareness that is always present through our senses no matter what situation we are experiencing. Richard states that we truly are eternal and that we only forget this eternity in the tangle of our stories. And so what he will do for you today is reveal your stories to you so that you can now discover how these stories and beliefs are affecting your current experience and creating your dis-ease. He will help you charter the mental maze of your mind and help you live a more heart-centered life.

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