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  1. Magic Lantern User Group

    by a1ex joined

    6,349 Videos / 8,699 Members

    Magic Lantern is an open platform for developing enhancements to the amazing Canon digital SLRs. These cameras are "game changing" for independent film makers. www.magiclantern.fm

  2. Old lenses database for video

    by Benjamin Chagneux joined

    26 Videos / 800 Members

    This group was created to make video tests database from all old lenses. A lense is considered to be "old" when it was made before 90s and all manual :) Everybody can submit his video…

  3. XDCAM Pro User Group

    by Mal Hamilton joined

    897 Videos / 258 Members

    A community for Sony XDCAM pro-users, to share their knowledge and display examples of their work. Together with news and innovations of the Sony XDCAM professional cameras. This group is an adjunct…

  4. WEDDINGplanet

    by Pino Celestino joined

    9,065 Videos / 1,018 Members

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