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  1. perSPECTIVE

    by SUPER // ARCHITECTS subscribed to

    135 Videos / 12 Followers

    per·spec·tive _ a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view. PerSPECTIVE provides a stage for the individual mind to voice his or her way of thinking,…

  2. 48 Hour Films (2013)

    by CalArts Character Animation subscribed to

    40 Videos / 54 Followers

    Each year, our students work for 48 hour to create short films based on a topic -- they devote a weekend to the entire production process. The theme this year was "Duck." Enjoy the students'…

  3. GENEsis

    by SUPER // ARCHITECTS subscribed to

    138 Videos / 14 Followers

    gen·e·sis _ the origin or mode of formation of something GENEsis provides an opportunity to digitally reconnect and experience creative happenings (exhibitions, installations, etc)…

  4. spatialFILM

    by SUPER // ARCHITECTS subscribed to

    110 Videos / 13 Followers

    spa.tial _ of or relating to space. spatialFILM _ short films using the built environment, its urban fabric, and occupants as the main subject.

  5. Built with Love

    by Diego Teja subscribed to

    30 Videos / 37 Followers

    Construido con amor, es un canal donde encontrarás pequeñas historias sobre grandes cosas hechas a mano. Built with love, is a channel where you'll find small stories of great…

  6. Vimeo Goodness

    by Vimeo Goodness subscribed to

    111 Videos / 34 Followers

    Short films, Music and animation that are a glass and a half full of Vimeo Goodness. Enjoy Life. http://vimeogoodness.tumblr.com/

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