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Jessica has always been true to her heart…as well as to her sense of humor. She loves creative, honest expressions of all kinds and genres, but has always had a special place in her heart for comedy. Since she was a young girl Jessica has always had an interest in writing, directing, and acting. She went to NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts where she studied acting and directing for theater. She then went to the Columbia Grad Film program, where she wrote, directed, and produced a strong body of film and TV projects. Many of her past projects have been honored in festivals and script contests.
Although acting has not been her primary focus the last few years, she still has a deep love for acting as well as improv. Jessica believes that working in the different disciplines she has, has made her an overall stronger artist and collaborator. Since graduating from Columbia she’s divided her time between writing, directing, and casting for film, TV, webseries, commercials, and music videos (as both a writer and director for hire and on her own projects). She’s also developed a strong passion for teaching acting and filmmaking, as well as coaching actors. She feels her combined experience in acting, directing, and casting helps her give her students a step up in the industry.
Recently one of the webseries she is a staff writer for has won critical acclaim, as well as been picked up by a major TV network. Other career highlights include: Semifinals in the Sundance Writers Lab, a Student Academy nomination, an Audience Choice Award in the Columbia Film Festivals, and an award in the New York TV Festival (NYTVF). She is always on the lookout for interesting work she can bring her experience and unique sensibility to.

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