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  1. Commercials

    by Bruce Weber

    23 Videos / 2 Followers

  2. Diamond Lounge Production

    by DrEM Grp

    14 Videos / 27 Followers

  3. DudeShooter

    by Martin Ryter

    7 Videos / 19 Followers

    Eye candy for those that share my interests.

  4. Dude Shooter

    by Martin Ryter

    3 Videos / 14 Followers

    Go on the search for future male models. Photographer Martin Ryter puts the beginners in front of his camera. Watch as careers are made.

  5. EcletticheVisioni

    by Eclettiche Visioni

    15 Videos / 18 Followers

    Pure inspiration from Men's Beauty. From the largest collection of images of Beautiful Men online, a hand-picked series of astonishingly beautiful videos for your pleasure. Check the site…

  6. Feature Trailers

    by Bruce Weber

    3 Videos / 2 Followers

  7. Gastohn

    by Gastohn Barrios

    9 Videos / 62 Followers

  8. Gay Beach Party

    by Gay Sitges Guide

    2 Videos / 49 Followers

  9. Gay Movies

    by Niki Nishi

    29 Videos / 680 Followers

    Movies or short movies about gay lifestyle.

  10. Gay New York!

    by Justin Luke

    34 Videos / 81 Followers

    New York City is one of the gay meccas of the entire world. This channel features brief glimpses into the surging circuit beneath the skyscrapers.

  11. HOT

    by Alex Sterling

    70 Videos / 104 Followers

    Hot stuff I like!


    by alfredm

    2 Videos / 20 Followers

    Videos de la comunidad LGBT, en su mayoria producidos por INFORGAY.COM

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