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  1. Mecs

    by fredo501 joined

    31 Videos / 43 Members

  2. nudie cutie

    by dolphins can swim joined

    10.1K Videos / 6,335 Members

    brand new! erotic and nudie fun- sexy and sensual! join and feel free to post, remove and repost every so often if you feel your undiscovered video needs a little push! but if your video has already…

  3. Best Sexy Vimeo

    by man joined

    4,264 Videos / 3,445 Members


  4. Art of the Nude Male

    by Randy joined

    1,606 Videos / 1,083 Members

    The nude male in theatre, performance art, dance, film, and other artistic expressions, including political statements and athletics. In most cases, videos will show faces and contain full male nudity.…

  5. Art Nude Photography

    by Engaging Portraits joined

    447 Videos / 594 Members

    Bearutiful and Tasteful Photographs with some nudity and elegant women.


    by Gastohn Barrios joined

    134 Videos / 344 Members

    This group is for that people that enjoy sensual hunk photographies and male beaty. See more at: http://www.gastohnbarrios.blogspot.com Keep in touch!

  7. Gay Pride

    by Feast of Fun joined

    477 Videos / 348 Members

  8. gay men

    by wolforama joined

    1,694 Videos / 1,616 Members

  9. G Group

    by UrbanObsession joined

    57 Videos / 139 Members

  10. YVY Mag

    by Yvy Mag joined

    40 Videos / 99 Members

  11. male nude art

    by MenOf MyDreams joined

    18 Videos / 546 Members

    a group for men who like men and art, video art or photographic art with nude men ... But no hardcore ... please ! And I am sorry but no video just remixed from others videos from the net !!!

  12. naked

    by naked stuff joined

    1,161 Videos / 1,840 Members

    naked naked me naked you naked she naked he naked them naked us naked everybody

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