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Poole, England

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Although best known for his wildlife videos Mark is an accomplished producer and cameraman, and often writes the sound track for the short films he produces.

Mark uses Canon DSLR's and various video cameras from Sony, Canon and Go Pro.
Photo and video editing is carried out using the Adobe Creative Suite. Soundtracks are created in Cubase on a continually updated hand built PC.

In a former life Mark achieved chart success in Europe as well as appearing on vinyl alongside Suede, Bjork, Jamiroquai and The Farm.

Mark is an award winning film maker and has won awards both nationally and internationally for his documentaries, pop videos and innovative stop motion time lapse videos.

His work has been seen on prime time BBC in the UK, as well as North America, Europe and Japan. Many of Mark's short film have been shown at festivals around the world including North by North West [USA] in 2011 and Fatti un film [Italy] 2012 as well as winning a Gold Medal at the Soul International Film Festival.

“. . . . Mark’s a one man band of broad quality movies.“ Chris Simon Wide Open Space.

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