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Be Bonkerz: a Berlin-based Family and Label.

Be Bonkerz is not just a label; it is a family, born from the idea that the music business should be just as much about musicians making a living from their art as artists working, sharing, learning, and growing together.

Chris De Luca (ex- Funkstörung and CLP) and Leg-No decided to create the Berlin-based Be Bonkerz label after discussing the lack of connection and camaraderie in the music industry as a whole. They realised that the only way to be directly connected to people is to work together like a family, remixing each others’ works, sharing contacts, networks, tricks of the trade and other information.

Above all, the Be Bonkerz mission is to nurture a family that can share in a passion for making music, and to make sure that music gets directly to the people that want it.

If you believe that the music business should be about the music, support us in any way you want or can. This is the only way to keep music alive!

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