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I was child in the '80s in Agrinio, Greece and in Milan, Italy.
I work in Locarno, Switzerland.

From 2005 until 2008, I was member and co-founder of the Crocus Group.
From 2008 I've named all my collaborations, “the Creative Research Suite”. That's why I'm Saul Savarino Crs.
From 2009 to 2011 I was the co-curator with Natascia Liberti, of La Fabbrica Gallery in Losone as a curator duo called Libby&Rogers.
In 2009 I've found a creative productions company called Weareworkers, wich produces and gives creative stuff reguarding several channels: art literature, illustration, photography, music, design, fashion and acting for film (
In 2010, Libby&Rogers start to project a plural exhib space in Locarno (CH) called the Citizens Gallery.
In 2011 I’ve start wirting the graphic section for the webzine UNO (

Saul Savarino Crs

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