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  1. Ermoth. looks like you were hired by Canon to spew nonsense on camera reviews. Please disclose that information next time you most nonsense sponsored by your employee.
  2. Canon has nothing to do with raw. It's a hack by third party, not supported by Canon, and it's 6 GB per minute on a SD card! 5D III is no match for A7s in video
  3. Does it say it's sponsored by Sony? No, so it isn't.
  4. His reviews are always like that -- opinionated and with strong criticism and mocking if he doesn't like something. It's been like this for years. You must be new. There is nothing "paid" here
  5. AdnanK commented on Now I See
    It's a public beach. There is no "privacy" if you are on a public beach. Anyone can take a photo.