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Throughout the course of popular music there has been one elite group of guys whose reputation and careers were built on the prowess as a ‘guitar god,’ or shredder, (i.e. Carlos Santana, Jeff Beck, Eddie Van Halen), all who were emulated or to an extent, virtually worshipped by guitar players. On the other side of the spectrum are the guys who strum the guitar and write songs, more commonly referred to as ‘singer/songwriters’. The talent in this camp runs the gamut from marginally talented wannabes, to those possessing the skill to create and write songs which are an indelible part of the fabric of all our lives (i.e. James Taylor, Bob Dylan, and Cat Stevens). With few exceptions, (i.e. John Mayer, Mark Knopfler, Eric Clapton and Brad Paisley) all of these aspiring musicians seem to fall into one or the other of these two camps - Brandon McHose is one of these rare exceptions. Brandon McHose is a guitar wizard who coincidentally, is a singer/songwriter.

Born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa, Brandon was introduced to the guitar by his Father, a once aspiring guitarist himself. Having access to the rich history of his Dad’s record collection, Brandon was exposed to exceptional talent of all kinds, ranging from the Beatles, to the Stones, to The Who. This was a kid with exceptional talent in all that he chose to pursue including Track & Field, which culminated in a full scholarship to Drake University. It was at this point in his life that he came upon the realization that his true love and passion lied in music, and after conferring with his folks, left Drake. The family sought professional advice by taking up a meeting with the Assistant Chair of the Guitar Department at the famed and respected Berklee School of Music in Boston. Brandon auditioned for the professor whose professional opinion was, essentially, that the level of his skills and talents were light years beyond the typical student attending Berklee and that the best road for him to take, was to not spend four years in college, but rather to immediately embark upon a career in music. Brandon took the advice and chose the city of Austin, Texas as the ideal environment in which to hone his craft.

Today, Brandon is equally adept in finger-picking an acoustic guitar or in spanning the breadth and array by playing blistering rock, blues or jazz infused guitar, and/or everything in between. His songwriting style continues to evolve – combining sophisticated chords with perfectly placed bursts of brilliance on the guitar intertwined with undeniable vocal hooks.

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