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I have developed a keen interest in Natural Philosophy (or Physics as it is more commonly known) over the last few years. I am not a "schooled" scientist in the academic sense. Equations can still frighten the life out of me! My interest and connection lies in the emerging renaissance of the naturally philosophical, and more precise approach to science in general. At a basic level, Telescopes, for example, have leapt much closer to the stars in comparison to the ground-based, Galileian predecessors.
We now know that some long standing postulations are wrong.
Some of those at the core of our general understanding.
I am concerned with the paradox in our society of knowing that its wrong and bad for us and yet, refuting its correction as worse.
It seems that too many people will instantly vilify and attempt to ridicule "outside of the box" or lateral thinking for a host of unsound reasons.
Nikola Tesla is currently at the centre of my focus on this paradox.

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