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Jarrett Rashad Kelly- Born and raised in Chicago, IL; Jarrett has performed for such names as Giordano Jazz Dance Chicago, Joel Hall Dancers, Deeply Rooted Productions, (mentor) Kirby Reed, Randy Duncan, The Massive: Kyle Terry, GJDC alumni Elijah Alhadji Gibson, and numerous others. He recently completed his tour with the ‘Radio City Christmas Spectacular’ as a member of the ensemble; followed by Lyric Opera’s production of ‘Damnation of Foust’ as a soloist dancer with Chicago’s Civic Opera house. As He ventures into choreography Jarrett has been fortunate to set work on Joel Hall Dancers 2, Framework Dance Chicago, and a solo danced by Leigh Ann Boatman entitled ‘Phases: Heartbreak’ which premiered at the 2010 Rebound Dance Festival. In addition to his concert work, Jarrett has also been working with Chicago based recording artist ‘Yashi’ as both choreographer and backup dancer; they recently performing at the Chicago House of Blues. Jarrett is thrilled to return home to his GJDC family for his 3rd season.

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