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this is Udo Neumann's vimeo channel, author of 1993's cult book "Performance Rock Climbing". Since than, Udo has been always on the forefront of modern climbing and bouldering with his books "Lizenz zum Klettern", "Climbing at the limit of human performance" (with Klem Loskot) and "Lizenz zum Bouldern" as well as many DVDs about better climbing and bouldering. Since 2009, Udo serves as the coach of the German Bouldering Team and publishes the "Boulder World Cup reports - as seen by the German Bouldering Team" on his YouTube channel - youtube.com/user/therealudini.
Udini Mediaworks' current project is an ebook named "The Art & Science of Bouldering", to be published fall 2013. Want to learn more about udini? - check out udini.com!

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