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Project Z is a documentary film by James Der Derian (Human Terrain, After 9/11, VY2K), Phillip Gara (Virtuous War 2.0, Disastrous Horizons, The Costs of War) and the Global Media Project in association with Littoral Film and Oxyopia Productions and with the support of the Carnegie Corporation of New York.

Beginning in the Mojave Desert and ending on Wall Street, Project Z tracks from the end of the Cold War to the wake of the Arab Spring the most important transformations of the post-cold war era. At once a road-trip, detective story, and zombie flic, Project Z presents a startling investigation into how war games, worst-case scenarios, complex systems, and networked media produce the very crises they seek to model, predict and report. Combining rare footage from inside the war machine with corrosive commentary by leading critics of global violence, injustice, and inequality, the film challenges the living to write their own future before the walking dead conjure the final global event.


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