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  1. Animation

    by Aziz Kocanaogullari joined

    60.9K Videos / 19.5K Members

  2. Independent Filmmakers

    by Brian Chambers Productions joined

    52.7K Videos / 15.5K Members

    This group is designed to showcase and promote any independent features, shorts, trailers, tests etc.

  3. 16mm

    by Joseph Griffin joined

    2,082 Videos / 1,310 Members

    Shoot on 16 mil? This is your domain! Post raw footage or your completed 16mm film here. Home movies, student films, independant - It doesn't matter.

  4. Short Films

    by Procine joined

    58.1K Videos / 32.1K Members

    Unleash your creativity.Produce. Transform. Post. Discuss.

  5. HD

    by Blake Whitman joined

    69.3K Videos / 12.4K Members

    The Vimeo High Definition Group.

  6. Comedy

    by Daryl Dalton joined

    1,613 Videos / 411 Members

    Short Comedy/Drama short films

  7. Sometimes This Happens

    by Nicholas Gurewitch joined

    4 Videos / 2 Members

    Cartoons created by Perry Bible Fellowship alumni Nicholas Gurewitch, Evan Keogh, and Jordan Morris.

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