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  1. Chong Kee Tan thank you for your effort to present this complex issue of money creation. For personal experience I can say it has taking me years of extreme attention for me to begin to understand it. We'are so brainwashed to accept the current…
  2. Great presentation Sergio about the creation of currency and its alternatives to develop other forms of exchange beyond money. We need to pass on the word more and more to wake people up to the importance of this fundamental issue. Thank you. Rafael…
  3. Hi Gaye, I remember an old Italian film called MONDO CANE (dog world) which came in two segments. The films showed unusual things humans do, and one of them was CARGO CULT done by natives in Melanesia, except that I didn't know how it was called…
  4. Go to this page to get the details on this FRAUD: There are videos from 2 minutes to 207 minutes that explain in detail why today's monetary system is the chain enslaving us because of our…