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Love nature, animals, music and all of God's creation.

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  1. Wonderful experience watching this video, so precious, so much teachings. a real must see for all who want ardently to live His teachings. thank you so very much !
  2. wonderful wonderful wonderful interview ! I so loved watching this video, such deep insights and much laughter too, what a wonderful soul! a real blessing. thanks so very much for this precious gem.
  3. Amazing interview, indeed a must see ! such a joy and blessing. A most wonderful testimony to Swami's infinte ways of helping when we call out to Him. wonderful video ! thank you so very much !
  4. How I love the gentleness and the pure love that Brian express in such an amazing way. I was so longing to hear more from him about his journey. To me this video is a most amazing leela, it answers several questions I had and helps me in this particular…