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Vidvinkel Film is a young film production company mainly based in Oslo.

We focus our work on feature films, short films and documentaries.

Our goal is to find and work with new, creative talents, and together create a new Norwegian film industry - bold and innovating - with films of equal quality to the best international productions, and finally open the international film industry to Norwegian films.

We wish to be a counterpoint to the easily forgotten and overly commercial films that are made by many production companies these days, both in our country and the international market. Our films are intended to give the audience something more than entertainment. They should be important, and at the same time entertaining; concerned with our society without being lecturing; thoughtful without being dull.

For us it is important to make films that have a message and tell an important story, but at the same time will be seen by a large audience.

We believe that films can be made on much smaller budgets, with the same production value and higher quality stories, than far more expensive productions in Scandinavia.

In the recent years we have faced a budget raise in all kinds of films, even short films and documentaries. Vidvinkel Film has already done a lot with very little money and we have been very competent in exploiting our modest resources to their fullest. Therefore, we know that films do not necessarily have to cost the world to end up with a good result.

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