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After studying the many shapes of electronic music in Denmark at Engelsholm Hojskole, and hosting a radioshow for the hungarian underground radiochannel Fuzio Radio, he discovered a love for the art of shoving pixels on the walls of venues in the multi-ethnical audiovisual collective "La Cuisine".

Currently located in Oslo, he teaches the audio-visual arts to children and has recently joined forces with Metafusion Soundsystem and Bad Company, but is open to ANY form of collaboration.
His style, in both audio and visual arts, is probably best described as a harmony between obscene concepts and abstract forms, experimental use of contrasts, and on top of it all, a whole lot of humor!

He... well, you know what? fuck this "third person" talk!
My name is Mads Meskalin. I'm a good guy. I love computer-games, the absurdities in life, my mom and the color green. So take a look around my page, write in my guestbook and spread the word!

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