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  1. David Jacaré commented on The Reward
    Yes, you're totally right. So good to see someone else thinking the same.
  2. David Jacaré commented on The Reward
    we had a bit of a discussion a few comments up about the sexism in the video. I agree with you entirely, Zoroko. I find it incredibly sad to see so many people overlooking this and even denying it.
  3. Joao Pereira commented on Discovery
  4. Marit might be full of great ideas since queer bodies and sexuality are an awesome topic, but unfortunately her film making skills are apparently very underwhelming. this video is kinda crappy.
  5. David Jacaré commented on The Reward
    I don't honestly know how could a person with a brain ever get to that conclusion. Maybe I shouldn't be assuming you have one to start with. What "women" are or aren't attracted to isn't something I can point out for a lot or reasons but mainly…