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Uh..., are you serious? 1st of all, if I do it, then it's an autobiography & not a biography. Anyway, I'm already infamous for being a storyteller & you've gotta' watch out when I say "to make a long story short" 'cause I really am..., but to most people, they're just kinda' like, "Get to the point dude", and I'm like "I am, just let me get there", but then they lose attention & I'm supposedly the one with A.D.H.D. Anyway, I'll just leave it at that for now 'cause I don't feel like writin' a book at this moment & I probably never will, although I probably should have after the summer of '98. Allright, well hopefully I'll talk to somebody in the future through this Vimeo site here so until then, later, peace! I'm outta' here.

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