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Using tech to makie mindfulness & connection easy for healthier, happier humans.

Research in persuasive technology / behavior design, willpower, and motivation through the lens of mindfulness & self-mentoring. Thoughtful of the impacts of stress in our technology saturated world.

Riding the zeitgeist with a magnifying glass and binoculars.


  1. Joe Talbot
  2. K9 Ventures
  3. Dr. Maya Angelou
  4. Oct28 Productions
  5. The Happiest Place
  6. Finback Films
  7. TSO Photography
  9. Shimi Cohen
  10. SXSW
  11. Simon Christen
  12. TJB
  13. 1440 Foundation
  14. Harley Farms
  15. SocialxDesign
  16. Not To Scale
  17. Laband Art Gallery
  18. BJ Fogg

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