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As a child, I was taught that nothing is impossible if you put your heart, work and craft your self into achieving your goals . Blessed with a relentless spirit, I have learned to never give up, never surrender, to constantly challenge myself and all those around me to get the very best. During my early years, I was influenced by taking piano lessons . At 5 years old I started to show interest in music and my mother thought that would be a good idea for me to start taking piano lessons. At 6 and a half years old I was already in the piano class at the "Music School". Years later, at only 14 years of age, I went to National College "Nicolae Balcescu" mathematics and physics class. In 1998, at my mother's insistence I followed "Medicine University from Craiova", Romania, from where I graduated in september 2004. The year after, I worked as a probationer doctor at the "Emergency Hospital" from Craiova. In 2007, I started canto lessons at the Music School "Blue Sound" form Bucharest with the notorious singer and vocal coach Crina Mardare. I have always balanced my studies and my music career, knowing that I have always wanted to pursue music as my main profession. Once arriving in the States I started learning for the Boards at Kaplan University and I also joined the Artist Development Program at Bristol Studio's who's credits include newly signed Universal/Motown artist Jada, the past two Dropkick Murphy albums and Niia Bertino Yclef . I have always believed that music is the international language of mankind. Is that unique and special thing that links all the people together and... if God blessed you with this wonderful gift , what you do with it is... your gift back to God.

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