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Starting out as an illustration major at Art Center, I eventually made my way into the ad biz by working first as a comp artist at Y&R, where I committed to creating the best storyboards I could.

While working for a number of high level art and creative directors (mostly from big New York shops) I learned the art of presenting and producing TV spots. I parlayed that wealth of experience into a better job when I moved two floors down to Grey, a much larger and more successful agency where the bulk of the ad billings were in broadcast.

After several years working my way up as a TV art director on a variety of accounts, Grey asked me to co-head a creative group which I did for over 12 years.

Eventually becoming disenchanted with the urban lifestyle, I moved my wife and daughter to our small hobby farm 25 miles east of Fresno, CA where we live and keep horses today.

I now work as the creative director of one of Central California's largest advertising agencies where I hope to continue to improve the creative department's capabilities as well as help grow the agency client roster.

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