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Michael Gonzalez-Mora born in Costa Rica and now a US citizen lives in San Diego, California and loves what he does. As CEO and Director of Photography for 506 Studio Productions & 506 Studio Aerial Film and Photography Productions he is always excited to bring his experience and creative mind to every project while, doing everything he can to learn from our clients. His achievements include 6 Emmy Awards, 1 National Eduard R. Murrow Award, 1 Sigma Delta Chi SPJ National Award, 6 Time Society of Professional Journalists Winner, 8 Time San Diego Press Club Award and numerous Emmy Awards nominations.
Michael began his career as a photojournalist in 1994 working in several different TV stations in Mexico including Telemundo and TV Azteca. After moving to the US his career continued at Univision and later the investigation unit at ABC News KGTV Channel 10 in San Diego also coolaborating with News companies like CNN, BBC News, Ch7 Australia Sunday Nigth Show and many more. I am always amazed at what I will do next when working on a new project.
Michael G. Mora / CEO 506Studio.com / Photojournalist / Dr. of Photography

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