Olivier Martiny

London - Paris - Brussels

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8 years of experience in both photo-realistic CGI and Full 3d Animation feature film.

• Lighting Artist on "The Magic House" at nWave Digital
• Lighting Artist on "47 Ronin"
"Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters"
• Look Dev Artist on "Gravity" at Framestore.
• Lighting Artist on “John Carter” at Cinesite ltd
• Lighting Artist on “X-men, First Class” at Cinesite ltd
• Lighting Artist on “DESPICABLE ME” at Mac Guff Line
• Lighting Artist on "A Monster in Paris" at walking the dog
• Lighting Artist & Compositor on “TV Ad, Philips Nivea for men, the robotskin” at Nozon Paris
• Lighting Artist & Compositor on “Pat & Stan, Season 4” at Mac Guff Line
• Lighting Artist & Compositor on “Searex Documentary” at Mikros Image
• Lighting Artist & Compositor on “Space Animals” at Planktoon
• Lighting Artist on “Niko •the way to the stars” at Anima Vitae (Finland)
• Compositor on “TV Ad, Mercedes •Class E” at Wizz
• Lighting Artist & Compositor on “Bourne Conspiracy, Video game” at Attitude studio
• Lighting Artist & Compositor on “ TV Ad, Citroën C3, Coyote & the Murphy’s Law ” at 4.21 production

• Lighting, Rendering, Compositing.
• Maya, XSi, Mental Ray, Renderman, 3delight, Arnold, Shake, Nuke, Fusion, Combustion, After effect.


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