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Los Angeles, CA

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My name is Anthony Pietromonaco. I'm a freelance director, DP, writer, editor, and photographer who has gained the majority of my experience through working with local business owners and on film sets. I work with local individuals, creative entities and businesses to provide custom materials for a unique, specific purpose; producing custom materials to use in online marketing promotions, social media content, and introductory videos to be featured on their websites, in-house, and/or behind the scenes, short films, features, music videos, events, infomercials and more.

I take pride in creating pieces that offer a professional, creative and personal view into the subjects I am fortunate enough to work with. I shoot with Canon, Red, Panasonic, and more, and as a result my work is created in the some of the highest quality video format available. I’m also capable of offering full voiceover services, animation, motion graphics, special effects, and am fluent in the use of the entire Adobe Suite of programs including Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, and Soundbooth, etc as well as Final Cut Pro.


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