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  1. chip writes commented on Chopper Tour
    Excellent! Makes poor ole X-Plane look plainly plain.
  2. Well, the pointy end remained forward and all survived. Call that one a success! Nothing better than a first flight...except your forthcoming solo flight! Keep at the lessons, one by one over time if needs be...but keep at it. We only get one chance…
  3. Concur...excellent clouds in that last circuit. I was wondering why the guy didn't raise his landing gear but I suspect he was too busy admiring the sky colors to notice such things! So...the week age...this week Miami Beach? Not good...not…
  4. Just another day in paradise, eh? Nice 'un, Kev!
  5. Well done! Chip
  6. Good one indeed, Kev. Interesting choice for your score. Three tens but the East German judge gave it a four!