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The Contemporary Animation Foro of Festival de México.

Visual simulation of movement has been a constant point of interest in the realm of images. It precedes photography, and goes hand in hand with the development of filmmaking. This desire for simulation has served artists well in storytelling, in highlighting ephemeral concepts or in framing ideas that are captured in a succession of images.
This illusion of movement incorporates a gamut of disciplines: drawing, painting, photography, music and writing, as well as the more recent elements of computer science and digital graphic design. An ever-increasing number of contemporary artists are making use of these tools in order to experience their relationship with time and images in a different way. It naturally allows for an interdisciplinary approach between audio and visual creation.
A growing swath of the world’s population belongs to a generation that has grown up with the constant consumption of moving images via television, film and now the great showcase of the Internet.
Animasivo was first held in 2008, a project created by the Festival de México en el Centro Histórico to promote contemporary animation from Mexico and the rest of the world. The project revolves around a unifying theme, banks on the artists’ wealth of different approaches and looks for ways to reach the general public through mass media.
Animasivo serves a triple purpose, with an exhibition of works commissioned from five established artists, a workshop featuring an international guest, and an animation competition
for young creators. The central theme of the 2008 inaugural edition was environmental decline.

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