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Jamestown, CO

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I am a visual storyteller with a background in photojournalism, action-sports photography, multimedia and film production.

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  • Day Job - I am the Video Production Coordinator at the University of Colorado Denver. Here's a link to various studio projects.


  1. Made by Hand
  2. Spēk Pictures
  3. Carolyn Moreau
  4. Daniel Kelly Brown
  5. Darren Durlach
  6. jason dewey
  7. Michelle Bauer Carpenter
  8. Forge Motion Pictures
  9. Sweetgrass Productions
  10. Jordan Manley Photography
  11. Trevr Merchant
  12. Tyler Kellogg
  13. Philip Bloom
  14. Star-Ledger Video
  15. Vital Films
  16. Media Productions
  17. Sent Productions
  18. Bob Miller

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  1. Hi! In the movie was one song about snow, does anybody know it's name? Pleaase! :))
  2. Very nice piece! How did you manage the transition at 0:20 - 0:23?