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  1. Main Titles & Broadcast Design

    by Les Mondes Impossibles subscribed to

    1,612 Videos / 2,760 Followers

    All about Main Titles, Open Titles, Intro and Broadcast design

  2. Motion Soup: Motion Graphics and Animation.

    by DMD at Red River College subscribed to

    1,190 Videos / 3,098 Followers

    Awesome Motion Graphics and Animation on Vimeo. No reels.


    by MTV WORLD DESIGN STUDIO MILAN subscribed to

    5 Videos / 13 Followers

    Client: MTV World Design Studio/Milano for MTV Networks International Length (sec.): 5 x 00.12” ident with a 10”, 5” & 3” cutdown version of each Air Date: 01.03.10 Lead…

  4. Mango Snatchers

    by daniel cordero subscribed to

    470 Videos / 441 Followers

    We snatch the best motion graphics on Vimeo

  5. SBTV

    by sneakerbot subscribed to

    421 Videos / 71 Followers

    Daily picks for everything beautiful, sexy, and awesome! Follow me at: www.sneakerbot.com

  6. g e o m e t r i­ a

    by Pico subscribed to

    327 Videos / 131 Followers

  7. This Modern Renaissance

    by This Modern Renaissance subscribed to

    76 Videos / 77 Followers


  8. 2D Character Animation

    by Dementa subscribed to

    57 Videos / 154 Followers

    Here you can find 2D Character Animation, simple, smart & beautiful. If you like it join us and contribute!

  9. 8mm

    by Bhagavati subscribed to

    3 Videos / 170 Followers

    8mm and Super8 movie footage. Also any 8mm related footage. May include cameras and styles.

  10. animograph

    by Jorgera subscribed to

    530 Videos / 347 Followers

    Tasty Animation & Mograph

  11. Inspirational Animation

    by Eoin Duffy subscribed to

    615 Videos / 541 Followers

    INSPIRATIONAL ANIMATION – computer animation, motion graphics, experimental, motion design, stop motion, short films, independent films, music video, student films, TV adverts ...

  12. shape+colour

    by shape+colour subscribed to

    521 Videos / 417 Followers

    shape-and-colour.com shapeandcolour.tumblr.com instagram.com/shapeandcolour My favourite motion design and video works from the art, motion and design blog shape+colour. Thanks to everyone…

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