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David Dominic, Jr is a Detroit based photographer/videographer who has traveled the world and been shaped by a variety of experiences. As a former automotive engineer, he brings attention to detail and technical mastery to his work along with project planning and program management. David can bring in a quality product on time and on budget. But it takes more than technical skill and planning to make a great photograph. It takes life-shaping experiences for one to be able to step back and observe situations with a different eye. Chess champion, rodeo champion, motor sports racer, musician, writer, camper, climber, adventure racer, marathoner, husband, and father. All of these things have shaped his life and molded his eye.
Whether David is photographing models or children, food or drink, foreign landscapes, or is on the road with a band, he brings honesty, reliability, and creativity to his photographic work. His motion picture work includes documentaries, music videos, and commercials, where he not only creates the imagery but also directs and produces the shoots. When needed, David brings an experienced crew to his motion commercial shoots. With the advent of the DSLR with HD video, David has added value to his client’s projects that have not been possible in the past.
David is also a member of the Little Traverse Bay Band of Odawa Indians which helps to bring a unique cultural perspective to his work that most creatives in his field do not possess. In addition to his imaging work, David is currently pursuing his teaching degree at the University of Michigan so that he can pass on to other generations his knowledge and experience.

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