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  1. Made In Portugal

    by DURBAN joined

    3,350 Videos / 696 Members

    Este é o grupo onde podes colocar e desfrutar vídeos relacionados com Portugal. Partilha aqui os teus vídeos com outros utilizadores portugueses. Ficção, Documental,…

  2. Abstract

    by Andy Galletly joined

    17.8K Videos / 5,373 Members

    A place for abstraction, experiments with form/colour/movement/time

  3. Experimental/Abstract

    by Dead Set Films joined

    23.3K Videos / 8,711 Members

    Films using experimental techniques, abstract visuals, or non-traditional elements. Out-of-the-box, antinorm, or just plan weird and creative.

  4. Hong Kong

    by Furkids joined

    496 Videos / 213 Members

    Welcome to the Hong Kong Group - a collection of videos of Hong Kong found here on Vimeo. If you have a video of Hong Kong, feel free to add it here. Thank you everyone who added a video to…

  5. Public Art

    by Olaf Henze joined

    11K Videos / 3,269 Members

    A space for any kind of PUBLIC ART: Group will display paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures, installations, media, music, dance, fashion&style, interesting people and so on. Join us! Watch…

  6. timelapse

    by Maarten Toner joined

    19K Videos / 9,732 Members

    This is the timeLapse group for all your timelapse videos. Anyone can add videos, if possible please add timelapse info. To learn more about TimeLapse this is a great site to start: http://www.prestonkanak.com/extensive-raw-time-lapse-tutorial/ the…

  7. The Good Stuff

    by Nenad Micic joined

    6,459 Videos / 7,246 Members

    The Good Stuff videos! A growing collection of the nice selected videos! :-) Thanks Related channel: http://vimeo.com/channels/thegoodstuff

  8. Glimpses of Japan

    by Sugoi (Bill G) joined

    634 Videos / 300 Members

    Showcase your Videos of Japan. This unique country has so much to offer, lets show it off here :) ************************************************* 3 Simple Rules: #1- Please do not SPAM…

  9. Made in Japan

    by Justin Lincoln joined

    1,588 Videos / 578 Members

    This group is for people that have produced videos in or about Japan... This is open for people that live and work there or even those that are just passing through.

  10. China & Chinese

    by Tom Carter joined

    439 Videos / 147 Members

    All things China and Chinese.

  11. Shanghai China

    by Ricardo Mealha Brand Gallery™ joined

    116 Videos / 58 Members

    Videos of people and places in Shanghai. Everyone is welcome to post.


    by john birdsong joined

    30.8K Videos / 5,186 Members

    The group was created as a place to add whatever the fuck you want. Please add whatever fucking videos you want.

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