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G'day! Thanks for visiting.

I'm a freelance Photographic Artist. Filipino-Australian from Melbourne who's been away from Asia for more than 20 years. Trying to get in touch with my roots but I think it will take time since I'm totally immersed and more connected to the Australian culture.

Keen digital photographer with old-skool (dates back from 1994 when I used slides and processed my own black and whites whilst pursuing studies in Visual Arts, Graphic Design and Illustration) background. That's when I stumbled into photography and since then my passion is to create beautiful and inspirational images.

I co-owned a Design Studio in Melbourne and recently set up CMY Noir Visual Arts, Singapore. Currently in the process of setting up a Chapter in Manila.

My Gallup Personality Profile: Ambitious, Tenacious, Resilient, Strategic, Creative, Trustworthy, Futuristic, and International.

I'm also an expatriate (Business and Project Management Consulting for Banking & Financial Markets) currently working mostly in Asia and have a home base between Singapore and Melbourne.

For Clients, Models and Collaborators:

I travel often across SE Asia so if you are passing by just ping me. I 'll be more than happy if we can work together! I would be happy to work also on a TF* basis with talents (models, hair stylists, makeup artists,designers and stylists) if I see scope for future development and there is a mutual interest.

Or you can just say G'day!

Rommel Atienza
Director/Head Photographer
CMY Noir Visual Arts Pte Ltd

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