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Well, if we want to talk about the past events that made me the person I am today, then I am a firm believer of not everything happening for a reason...but definitely the things that mold you into the person you are meant to be, happen for a reason. The past makes you what you are and the future makes...whatever you want to make of it.

I have lived to the best of my ability up to this point and I gotta say...life is a fantastic experience, especially when I include having a diverse and artistic group of people in my life known as my friends.

Interesting facts:

- I am convinced that it is not the destination that is important, just the road you travel to get there.

- I honestly believe that music talks to the soul when it is not void of substance

- I nearly cut my own penis off by accident with fire stokers when I was 4

- I love to write poetry (I'd call them lyrics if I could sing)

- I write for street press magazines and study communication (yawn) to get into music journalism, which not an easy industry to build in.

- Change is never something I like...but I believe it is necessary.

- I really love to air drum when listening to a song with a wicked beat and massive drum rolls.

- I used to always pull one of the wings off a fly and watch it spin around like a break dancer.

- I claim to dislike a lot of things with the world, but to be honest, its a pretty damn good place to live on with a heap of amazing people.

- I really respect art...in all forms. Even if its down right terrible, I respect the effort put in regardless.

- I believe that everything balances out in the end. Everything. Once people lose that balance then the fall is inevitable. Trust me, I know.

- I really do love meeting new people and turning strangers into friends. It is the foundation of experience and experience is always great, even if its not.

There is much to know about me as I'm sure there is much to know about you. A few lines of text will give you and idea, but if you really want to know me, then don't be a stranger.

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