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  1. Brilliant Skill and workmanship by Paul .Your film creativness is outstanding Danny,you seem to reach another level with this work everytime. Amazing ! keep it coming!! Dave up the road.
  2. Dave Smith commented on Darrienia
    That was brilliant!!! Your going to be spotted soon. I'm kind of speechless to be honest. ..... you filmed that so well, weldone who ever else was involved.
  3. Dave Smith commented on 1970
    That was brilliant Danny.. The dust I must say was very authentic, the whole work very nicely made.... you have a serious talent and artistic eye for this... keep pushing those boundaries mate....
  4. I really am speechless... This has to be your most creative film yet. All your other films are right at the top here but I must say I watched this and I could feel the passion in that man's work, you and the team brought it to the screen beautifully…
  5. Dave Smith commented on Isabella
    Nicely put together Danny. Everything worked. My wife loved it.
  6. Danny. wow!! Your rising to high levels of craftsmanship with this filming .. Fantastic work! They just get better and better..