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Olga Lvoff
Director,Producer, Editor

Olga Lvoff received an MFA in Social Documentary from the School of Visual Arts in 2013. Olga has worked as an independent film director since 2009. Her recent short documentary film, “Two Travelers” became a winner of Honorable Mention Award at the International Film Awards Berlin (2013). The film was also nominated in 2 categories at the 2013 London International Film Festival (“Best directing of a short documentary” and “Best short documentary”). “Two Travelers” was included to the shortlist of International Tarkovsky's Award for Poetry and Cinema.

In 2010 Olga graduated from Moscow State University’s School of Journalism. As a journalist Olga worked for Russian national TV channel “Culture” filming 15-17 minute stories about art, history and science, for radio Liberty covering cultural events including many reports about documentary film festivals, for the magazine “GEO” writing articles on science, medicine and traveling. Being a student she spent two month in Lyon (France) working at “Euronews” TV channel where she was covering cultural news and adapting reports in French and English for the Russian audience. Olga’s five years in independent documentary as a director and editor, as well as her background in journalism, led to her first full-length film, “When People Die They Sing Songs.” This film was nominated for the Student Academy Awards, it also became the Bronze Winner of International Independent Film Awards and received a Golden Eagle Award in 2014.


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