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  1. Aspen Santa Fe Ballet

    Aspen Santa Fe Ballet Plus Aspen, CO


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    Heading into a second decade of activity, the success of the Aspen Santa Fe Ballet is cause for celebration. ASFB is a uniquely structured and multi-faceted organization, founded in 1990 by longtime Aspenite Bebe Schweppe. It not only is a nationally recognized dance company, a leader in the dance…

  2. BodyVox

    BodyVox Plus Portland, Oregon


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    Led by Emmy Award-winning choreographers Jamey Hampton and Ashley Roland, BodyVox is known for its visual virtuosity, distinctive wit and unique ability to combine dance, theater and film into breathtaking productions rich in imagery, athleticism and humor. Since its founding in 1997, BodyVox has toured…

  3. Chris Jordan

    Chris Jordan Plus Location: Globe-trotter


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    I created Sugar Effect LTD. in 2010 with a group of friends around a coffee table, and the idea of putting out media that could mean more, and reconnect us. Although over half of my content thus for has been what the job required, I am finding more freedom as I move forward to create things I feel connected…

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