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Chiara is a visual artist working with video and animation.

Her work is an exploration into ideas of memory, loss and illusion through the use of animation, photography and video installation, deeply rooted in the surreal, absurdist world of Czech and Eastern European animation and literature.

Chiara believes that somewhere between the delighted, naive stupor of childhood and the crepuscular chambers of memory and loss hides all that we need to discover and remember about our identity; her attempt is to translate the intricate and erratic language (and logic) of dreams into moving images and narrative.
Her work is informed by a personal interest in anthropology and more specifically in the symbolic quality and ritualistic relevance of objects and images; film is a tool through which to explore the ability to remember and to conjure back into existence all that is ephemeral and transitory about our experience as human beings, our memories and surroundings.

Chiara works with both live action and animation (using puppets and found objects), together with light and sound, to create short visual poems or prayers, often relying on music and sound to engage with the emotional, irrational and subliminal side of the mind.
Her work has included collaborations with performance artists, composers, musicians and writers, and has been shown in a number of venues including national and international film festivals, galleries and site specific events.

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