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As a kid Ryan grew up on his Parents horse stud farm in Muldersdrift, South Africa. When he grew into his teens he moved to Natal and became an ocean fanatic: surfing, sailing, lifesaving and photographing. At the age of 16 he joined the Natal Parks Board to combine both his passion for nature and movies and by the age of 19, Ryan had become leader of an Anti Pouching Unit in The 100 000 hectare Weenen Biosphere Reserve. Whilst fulfilling his duty in the Parks Board, Ryan was hiring video cameras and compiling footage to work his way into the film industry.

Having never studied video or film through a school or technicon, Ryan moved to Johannesburg and started offering his time for free to gain experience as an assistant editor, and assistant camera man.
He later worked his way up the ladder until eventually was comfortable in running his own small production house doing adventure and extreme sport documentaries, By the age of 23 Ryan had written, produced and Directed his first film "Innocent Wrath" Soon after Ryan was directing commercials shot on 35mm and producing, directing and filming short films in Southern Africa and other African regions. After having directed, shot and written a number of short stories, documentaries and television programs, Ryan started scripting his first major feature film, "Lords of Exile". Whilst pre-producing the feature film Ryan made his living following his childhood love: training horses, of which many were used in the film itself. After five years in the making Ryan is back in Johannesburg with his feature now completed and entered into several international film festivals including attendance at the American Film Market in 2011 where he acquired distribution for 'Lords of Exile'.

Ryan has recently completed his second Feature length film 'The Parricidal Effect' and is in negotiations with international distribution companies regarding rights to foreign territories.

Ryan is constantly on the look out for challenges and opportunities to expand and test his creativity.

He has a range of high camera skills including Steadicam operator of which a majority of the high quality equipment is his own. He also has an underwater divers license and a private pilots license for those hard to reach locations.

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