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Mexico City

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Visual Artist born in Mexico City in 1978.. She conducted her work to performance art and photographie. Once clarified its necessity to balance the body inside a piece of art, decides to explore the spaces with her body, where geography, culture, public and private becomes a source of topics to discuss, through the contexts of contemporary time.
She's been participating in several festivals in Latin America like Chile, Uruguay, Venezuela at the Nacional Gallery of Art, , Museo del MALBA in Argentina and in Mexico presenting her work at the Museo Universitario del Chopo and also at the Museum of Ex Teresa Arte Actual In the Biennal. She had exhibited in Europe in Poland, Germany, Spain, France and at the Tulca Visual Art festival in Ireland. In Asia in the 798 zone of Art in Beijing.

I try to use each space as a synthesis of time and life leaving a trail of my body, time and action.
Paola Paz Yee


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