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Jelmer was never one to sit and wait for opportunities to come his way. Born and raised in the northen region of the Netherlands, his passion for art surfaced at a very early age. Although creativity was no stranger to the Boskma family, it was his father's passion for programming that inadvertently helped Jelmer find his medium of choice. A computer in the house led to early exposure to the internet , and Jelmer 's first paying job in web design at the age of 13. Not long after, the connection was made between 3D graphics on the web and the artwork in games, and Jelmer found himself creating mods for popular titles such as Unreal Tournament. His hobby of transforming his characters brought him to the attention of the game developer Digital Extremes , leading to his first paying job in 3D at the age of 18. It was at this moment that he realised this was his true calling and began to look for formal training in the field of 3D. For Jelmer, it wasn't just that the medium felt right, it was also the doorway to being a part of the entertainment he loved. Movies such as the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Star Wars and Harry Potter had been an integral part of his life and had fired his imagination for years. Now he had the opportunity to be involved in similar creations, but it involved a leap of faith and incredible distance.

After much research Jelmer chose the Vancouver Film School in British Columbia, Canada. It was no small step to make for someone in their late teens to suddenly jaunt across the world chasing a dream. There had been moments of wavering on his course towards becoming an accomplished character artist as opposed to an animator, but all doubt was removed within his first few weeks in Canada. Shortly after submitting his second assignment Jelmer was informed that if he did not enter the modeling stream, his instructor would hunt him down and kill him. Fortunately, although the threat was in jest the message was clear and his final demo reel was prominently featured on several forums. Within a few short months of graduating he found himself at Frantic Films, and in the unique position of being able to design, model and texture creatures for a major Hollywood release, "Journey to the Centre of the Earth". For a new graduate this kind of opportunity was nearly unheard of. Since then, Jelmer has worked on a number of major releases including District 9, Watchmen, and G.I. Joe among others. Of late he has completed work on Sucker Punch (2011) Thor (2011) and has expanded his repertoire to include matte painting on the Disney release, Tron Legacy.

Currently Jelmer is contracted with Digital Domain on Jack the Giant Killer

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