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  1. Very nice video. It's rather wasted on this uninspired, run-of-the-mill track.
  2. Oh dear ...
  3. What is disconcerting? What does the experiment consist of? Regrettably, there is not a second of originality in this.
  4. Of the musicians featured in the video, guitars and Theremin are Josephine Philip and Ina Lindgreen, respectively. Josephine and Ina have a band, Darkness Falls, some of whose songs have been remixed by Trentemoller.
  5. artabuneta commented on PICTURES
    The good speakers vs. headphones bit was unnecessary.
  6. artabuneta commented on MCP
    Ach, Enrico, 'Rendez-vous with Imprudence' ist die korrekte Übersetzung.Ohne the.
  7. artabuneta commented on MCP
    Ich finde auch, dass Enricos gesammelte Werke bisher keinen Hinweis darauf geben, dass er seine eloquent formulierte, aber dennoch gänzlich irrelevante, Meinung hätte in Bilder umsetzen können. Auch ergab eine Google-Suche keine Hits seiner Arbeit als