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  1. Device

    Device Plus Barcelona


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    Device is an audiovisual design studio based in Barcelona. We focuse on direction and art direction for design, motion graphics, audio and installations. We work with different styles we consider opposites, that interrelate to one another, generating our whole body of work.

  2. Martin Woutisseth

    Martin Woutisseth Plus France


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    Passionnated since childhood about arts, I studied during seven years illstration and graphic design into Saint-Luc university in Tournai, Belgium. Then, I lived one year in Osaka in Japan. Since my return, I made a specialisation in web design and now I'm learning motion design by myself. I…

  3. Michael Saenz

    Michael Saenz Miami


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    I am currently attending Ai of Fort Lauderdale working on my bachelors of VFX & Motion Graphics.

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