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cairo, Egypt

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"No One There" (In production)
drama (80mins Approx.)
Also: Writer-DOP-Producer
Produced by: Khaial art production-With cooperation with OTAKU Digital film/With the support of SANAD fund for development-Abu Dhabi film festival 2013-And AFAQ The arab fund for arts and culture for production 2013.

"To the sea…", 2009.
Documentary (22mins)
Produced by The American University in Cairo. Centre for Migration and Refugees Studies.

“Caika bel Crèma”, 2008.
Produced by Cinema school-EL Nahda association.
Also: Writer.
The film: youtube.com/watch?v=fuZC0_YYVvg&feature=plcp&context=C4b00d14VDvjVQa1PpcFNkA89lGnVO73HZ8jUzMh4-ui9B8yRAWrw%3D

"Zizo", 2008.
Documentary (9mins)
Produced by “Semat for Production and Distribution" and "Euro med".


-"The Gate of Departure", (In post production)
75mins (Approx.)
Directed by: Karim Hanafy
Produced by: The ministry of culture grant.

-"The Tea Cart", 2013 (Short)
Directed by: Abanob Nabil
Produced by: Plaza Grant-Alexandrian library/Fig Leaf productions.

-"Al Daea", 2013 (TV series)
Directed by: Mohamed Al Adl

-"Ser Alani", 2012 (TV series)
Directed by: Ghada Selim

-"Napoleon", 2012 (TV series)
Directed by: Shawki Elmagari

-“knocking doors”, 2012
40mins “Memories of the eternal day-segment 1”
Directed by: Nagy Ismaiil
Produced by: Semat for Production and Distribution.

-"Microphone", 2011
Directed by: Ahmed Abdullah
Produced by: Film Clinic Production.

-"The birds of The Nile", 2009
Directed by: Magdy Ahmed Aly
Produced by: Khayal art production and Al Arabia company for production and distribution-With the support of "The ministry of culture".


Former member of "Al Tamye Theater Group". (2006-2009)
-Performed in the musical known as “Thawret Ala’a” (Revolution of mind), 2006-2007.
-Also performed in the musical known as "El Tamy Wahed Wel Shagar Alwan" (Clay's one but trees vary) Sheikh Emam, Ahmed Fouad Negm and Adly Fakhry's songs.

-Graduated from the faculty of Law, Ain Shams University, Egypt, 2007.
-Graduated from Cinema-school (El Nahda association-Jesuit Cairo). Egypt 2008.

-A Berlinale Talent Campus talent, 2010.
-Attended different workshops in acting (2006-2009), like "Bambi's" theater group (Netherlands), and "The acting for camera" workshop at the british council-Egypt.
-Gave a workshop on low-budget filmmaking called "The young filmmaker workshop", 2009. Five young girls(14-17) made five different short films at the end of the workshop (Three month), and some trainings on the basics of filmmaking.

Other information:

-Jury member (short film competition) Abu Dhabi Film Festival 2012.

Vimeo: vimeo.com/user4881608
youtube: youtube.com/user/magzz86?feature=mhee
Facebook page: facebook.com/pages/Ahmed-Magdys-page/133010496710153?sk=info

Arabic, english, and french.


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