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  1. Spiral Move

    Spiral Move Plus Amsterdam


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    Nikolaos Stampoulopoulos Founder and Creative Director of http://newdiaspora.com/ Also a freelance filmmaker, based in Amsterdam. http://spiralmove.com/ Greek director of documentaries, experimental and fiction shorts, as well as promotional and corporate videos. Experienced in scriptwriting,…

  2. Jasmin Peco
  3. IamExpat Team

    IamExpat Team Amsterdam


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    A complete guide for expats of all colours, shapes & sizes. An international community in the Netherlands that loves to exchange info about career, housing, education, official issues and of course, nightlife. We love, publish and share video. Please feel free to send us yours!! The IamExpat Team

  4. Laura de Boer
  5. Alex Zakkas

    Alex Zakkas amsterdam


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    Had I been paying attention, I wouldn't have seen it happen.

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